Fitness Scholarship Program

     The next generation needs our guidance. The Ramos Foundation aims to nurture every child holistically. The focus of the Fitness Scholarship Program is to strengthen the character of every child. Teach them the importance of teamwork and support their schooling through financial grants. A healthy mind and body, free from any diseases. A wonderful life that everyone deserves.

      In the Philippines, the Ramos Foundation started the program in Laur Nueva Ecija and San Agustin Hagonoy, Bulacan. They donated materials for Basketball and Volleyball. We all know that many children now spend too much time online. Some children skip their meals to finish their online games. On the other hand, they are children that lack physical activities and eat unhealthy snacks while watching their favorite shows. The Ramos Foundation Fitness Scholarship Program's goal is to instill in the lives of the younger generations the importance of having a healthy body and having good cognitive skills with good character.

    Success may not be easy, especially for those who belong to not financially stable families. They are fighting the silent battle and trying to overcome every circumstance in life. The Scholarship grants are a big help to make their dreams come true. Let us nurture the future of the next generation.