We are blessed to become a channel of blessings. There are so many people fighting for their dreams. Some are leaving their families to work abroad, wherein they do not know what awaits from afar. Many Overseas workers find a good job and a good employer that compensates for their hard work. On the other hand, there are some who, unfortunately, go with abusive employers. The very reason we are here is to give opportunities to the workers.
   I am forever grateful to God for the existence of the Ramos Foundation. I can wear a sweet smile of victory despite hardships. Finally, I made it this far and am now part of the Ramos Foundation as a National Coordinator including their websites and Social Media Marketing.
Marlin A. Ople
     The Ramos Foundation and its willingness to reach out to the younger generations and help them to achieve their dreams. One of their scholars graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Education Major in General Education. Now the scholarship program continues with physical activities like engaging in Basketball for boys and Volleyball for girls. Not just in the cognitive aspect but holistically, we can shape and create a positive impact in the lives of the younger generations. Let us nurture the future and help them to achieve their goals.