Our Dreams and Accomplishments

   We believe every child hides a potential that we need to build up. Some factors that can hinder them from growing are poverty, poor health, and poor hygiene. These factors can lower their self-confidence and can ruin their dreams. The Ramos Foundation's love for children is very passionate. In the Philippines, many less fortunate children benefited from their program. In the long run, they also help students with their scholarship program. Every Thanksgiving and Gift-giving day is one of the most awaited moments for every child, wherein excitement and extreme happiness cannot contain. The Ramos Foundation is very unstoppable. Not even the global pandemic can hinder them from helping. They give whole chickens to many less fortunate families in barangay San Agustin Hagonoy, Bulacan, and Nueva Ecija. They also pay attention to the health and wellness of the children. They give them over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and mouthwash right after the feeding program. Let us all be part of every child's success. Alone we can do something, but together we can make a change.